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“The deeper you get into this fashion game, the more risks you’ll take.” Wise words from Dave Fung and Yena Kim, the founders of the hottest Tumblr on the Internet right now, Menswear Dog.

The spotlight of course is on Bodhi, their three year-old Shiba Inu, the most dapper, well-dressed dog in New York City. Between photo shoots of Bodhi dressed to impress in a range of outfits, we’re talking Don Draper-esque suits and a ready to party like a rockstar floral tie and leather jacket combo (no doubt this summer’s hottest trend), Dave and Yena have their hands full. With several projects in the works this year for Menswear Dog, we’re thrilled that they had time to sit down with Wantering for this exclusive interview.

Ladies and Gentlemen, meet Dave, Yena and Bodhi.

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Game On

You’re gonna hear a lot of noise about baseball jackets this Spring and every brand that know’s what’s what has their own version. It’s basically an extension of the varsity jacket trend that’s everywhere right now in a lighter weight and built for warmer weather. We’re particularly feeling this Members Only version with a denim body and cigar-colored leather sleeves. Get your game on.

Baseball Jacket: Members Only  |  Henley: Club Monaco  |  Leather Cap: Supreme New York

not shown:  Twill Pants: Gant  |  Shoes: Mark McNairy  |  Duffle Bag: Filson


Gats & Dogs

Joining in on the unanimous fashion boner that Baz Luhrmann’s The Great Gatsby has garnered, here’s Menswear Dog’s take on the opulent classic.

The movie itself is more style than substance but that’s perfect for us because we’re not a movie blog. Baz Luhrmann goes over-the-top decadent in this rendition, but makes sure to pay attention to all the little details that make fashion bloggers go gaga. From collar pins to pattern-mixing to masterfully tailored 3-piece rigs; this is less a movie and more a moving mood board for the roaring twenties…and we’re ok with that. It opened nationwide this weekend so check it out.

"It makes me sad because I’ve never seen such – such beautiful shirts before." The Great Gatsby, Chapter 5

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